Tournament Rules

Teams are to arrive on site 30 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.  During the winter months and/or inclemate weather an indoor area will be provided for teams to use while the previous game is being played.
A 5 minute warm up period will be provided prior to each game. We encourage teams to stretch and get loose while they wait for the previous game to end. Warm ups may begin as soon as the preceding game has ended.
Teams bring their own basketball for warm ups or one can be provided if needed. 

2 officials and 1 official scorekeeper will be provided for every game from the 4th grade level and up. 

2nd and 3rd grade levels will have 1 official per game.

Officials and scorekeeper will be paid by the tournament director
Teams are encouraged to keep their own books as well.  This is ensure
that there will be no disputes over the accuracy of the score and/or fouls and remaining time-outs. 

Game Play:

All game consist of two 20 minute halves for all grades/boys and girls.

There will be one 5 minute period in the case of a tie.  If teams remain tied after the 1st overtime period then a 2nd sudden death OT period will take place.  First team to score wins the game.

All games are running clock. The clock will run on the referees mark and will stop on all referee whistles.

Referees will use a stopped clock for the 2 min of each half.

Pressing and Zone Defenses are allowed at all levels.

Running up the score and blowouts are strongly discouraged.

Pressing will not be allowed in the 2nd half if the lead is 20 points or more.  Once the lead is under 20 points then pressing can continue.
Official sized game balls (29.5) are used for Boys in grades 5-12. Boys in grades 3-4 will use a 28.5 sized ball.

All Girls grades will use the 28.5 sized ball

Games do start early on occasion.  Games will not start early unless both
coaches agree to start.
Teams are given a 15 minute grace period after the scheduled game time and will forfeit the game if they cannot field a team by that time.
A team may start a game with 4 players as long as both coaches agree to play 4 v 4.  If coach with full team does not agree to play 4 v 4 then a forfeit will be called.  Once the 5th player arrives he/she will be inserted at the next game stoppage.

Player disqualification at all levels is on the 5th personal foul

Teams will shoot the bonus and double bonus on the 7th and 10th fouls of each half.

Team fouls reset at halftime.
All technical fouls result in 2 free throws plus possession of the ball.

A player and/or coach will be ejected from the game and must leave the gym on the second technical foul of that game.
Flagrant Fouls will be penalized the same as Technical Fouls with 2 free throws plus possession. In addition to this players/coaches may be ejected from the game for their actions. Fighting is strictly prohibited and players and/or teams will be disqualified from the tournament without any refund of fees.

Teams are given 3-30 second time outs per game. These can be used at any time during regulation play. All time outs are 30 seconds and are strictly enforced. Each team will have 1-30 second time out for overtime.  Regulation time outs DO NOT carry over into overtime.


Half-Time is 2 minutes in length. Teams are not to leave the bench area and are to be ready to play again once the half time buzzer sounds.

Players are only allowed to play on 1 team. However a player may also play on an additional team as long as it is ABOVE their age/grade group and/or within their same program/organization.
Each team must wear uniforms/jerseys that are of the same color and with designated numbers on the front or back. Failure to do so will result in technical fouls for each player without the proper color and/or number.
Players are not allowed to wear jewelry of any kind during the game. Tape or band-aids over earrings is not allowed. All jewelry must be taken out or the player will not be allowed to participate.
Player mouth guards are not mandatory but certainly are recommended for safety.
All players, coaches and spectators are expected to show respect towards game officials, players, fans and tournament staff.
Verbal and/or physical abuse, including profanity, will not be tolerated. Any misconduct will result in disqualification from the
tournament for the individual(s) and/or team involved.
Coaches are responsible for the actions of their team at all time both on and off the court during the tournament and must promote the best sportsmanship, win or lose!
It is expected that all Adults, family members and fans in general set a good example of sportsmanship and if necessary enforce a spirit of good sportsmanship and respect among their team and its supporters. Each team is responsible for the
conduct of its players/ fans.

COVID-19 Rules:

All spectators are required to wear a mask at all times while in the gym unless actively eating or drinking.  Players and Coaches are not required to wear a mask during their game.